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Month: December, 2009

Holy Grail Products: Winter Blush

Of the few products I have that I would consider Holy Grail (HG) products, the one in rotation most frequently of late is my HG Winter blush. I say Winter blush because I think it’s a bit much for Spring and Summer. It gives my cheeks that “just in from the cold” flush that I LOVE! So what blush do I speak of?

NARS Outlaw!

I love this blush! It looks a bit daunting in the pan, but when applied with a light hand, it is gorgeous! It is a deep rose color with a very fine, subtle golden shimmer. Forgive the above picture’s color, which is a *slight* off; I need a better camera! Below is a more true-to-color picture:

Do you have any season-specific favorites?
This product was a purchase by me.


Keeping Track of All Things Beauty

I don’t know about everyone else, but I love the organization offered  by my computer. I can keep track of all the makeup I own, want to buy, how much everything costs, and more!

Right now, I’m using an Excel 2007 workbook to keep track of everything, but I’m thinking about making a different one in OneNote so I can include a lot more imagery (obviously I’m a Microsoft user).

This is what it’s looking like now, but it isn’t completely updated yet (red text is added in):

Individual brand sheet for Bobbi Brown:

I like this system for now; it works! What do you use to keep track of all your makeup purchases and future purchases?

Beautiful Baubles

I’ve been browsing around the ‘net, and I have to say, I’m loving all the necklaces that are out there right now. There are so many interesting and feminine pieces! Here are some of my favorites…

I love this Tarina Tarantino (minus the crystal star danglies), but it is waaaaay out of my budget at $1125.00:

I’m also loving this necklace, $228 at Anthropologie:

It’s love; *sigh*:

$305, also at Anthropologie.

I see a possible DIY necklace in the future…?

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A Land Without Shopping…

As I’m getting ready to move to a new state, I’ve been checking out the sort of shopping opportunities I’ll have once I’m there. Unfortunately the state I’m moving to is Iowa: the shopping wasteland with nary a high-end department store in the whole state.

After searching for store locations for Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Dillards, and Lord & Taylor, it seems that there is one, if any, of most of these stores in the whole state, and they are unfortunately all one to four hours away from where I will be moving.

I’ve seen a lot of Younkers department stores, Sears and JC Penney branches, and Targets, but look for high-end department stores, and you’re out of luck. I’m from Missouri, but COME ON, there are numerous branches of many high-end department stores statewide!

There is an Ulta reasonably close to where I’m moving, so there’s that, but where-oh-where am I supposed to see/test new seasonal makeup releases from Dior, Chanel, and Bobbi Brown (to name a few)? I suppose I’ll be a lot more dependent on my beauty blog reading in the coming months, and shopping online (thank goodness for Ebates)! If anyone knows of any good places to look at/buy high-end make-up in Iowa (but not in Des Moines), please let me know!
In the interest of disclosure, the link in the above post is not an affiliate site, and it is not a link to the site that will benefit me in any way (i.e. invite link).

Weekend Christmas Shopping

This weekend my mom, aunt, sister, cousin, and I drove to Kansas City to do some Christmas shopping. For me, this also meant a bonus trip to Sephora to spend my Beauty Insider “gift card”.

I was actually somewhat disappointed because the Sephora branch we went to didn’t carry the Guerlin Rouge G lipstick line, which I was really hoping to snag in-store so I wouldn’t have to pay shipping. I also couldn’t find really what I was looking for in the way of gifts for a few of my friends. *Sigh*
I did end up getting this for my mom for Christmas:

My sister also found a couple things for her friends. I guess I was just kind of in a funk; I hated the huge crowd we had to wade through shopping this time of the year. It was also a smallish branch of the store.

At least I still have a couple weeks to finish my shopping, and the company while shopping was good!

Gearing Up!

I’m really excited to start blogging about my love affair with beauty products. I’ve been a long-time reader of a lot of beauty blogs, but never thought to make one myself until recently. I should start posting regularly sometime soon!