Nail Polish – Finishes and Colors

by Amanda

I’ve been taking better care of my nails lately, and have been keeping up my polish a lot better. There are so many different finishes on polishes, and my favorite has always been a nice creamy, shiny finish with no shimmer or sparkle. My favorite color in general is OPI Nantucket Mist (below), but OPI Bubble Bath gets an honorable mention as one of the most wearable bridal pink colors available (in my opinion).

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But I’m also loving the more recent minty greens, taupes (think Chanel Particulière), and nudes. I have yet to try a matte polish, but they don’t really appeal to me.
Shimmer I do on occasion, but I almost never wear a sparkley polish; it just isn’t my style.
What are your favorite colors and finishes?