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Month: February, 2010

Grrr…(or Why I Still Haven’t Posted Any of the Reviews I Need to)

The camera…it’s still on the fritz. ūüė¶

I’m trying to save up for a shiny, shiny Pentax K-X, but it seems at every turn I find a new expense and the Pentax fund gets used.

I’ll crank ’em out as soon as I’m able, but I may have to post sub-par pictures. Boo!


Beauty Discovery: Glass Nail File

Image from

Count this as one of the best beauty tool purchases I’ve made in a long time. I’ve done emry boards, all sorts of metal nail files, and all sorts of different grit levels, but never before a glass file. Today, at Target, I was doing my usual nail aisle browsing, and spotted a glass file. I was going to do my nails tonight, so I figured, why not?

Let me tell ‘ya, I’m never going back! I’ve never had an easier or faster time filing my nails in my life! It filed them quickly, and without giving me any sort of raggy edge or layer seperation. It gave a clean, filed edge in seconds. It is also claimed that they don’t get¬†dull, and have easy cleanup: just rinse (I haven’t verified this with this specific brand)! Why hasn’t anyone¬†told me about these before?!

Bottom line: If you don’t have a glass nail file, and you are into doing your nails pretty often¬†like I am, you need this in my opinion. I got mine from Target for around $8, but I haven’t had it long enough to verify it’s durability. Here’s one at Sephora. Worth it, and even if it does happen to wear out, I’ll buy another (nicer) one!

Deals: Zoya Freebies w/ Purchase

Zoya is currently having a promo where if you buy $10 worth of product, you get 2 free polishes with the code NYFW! It’s a good deal; I hauled 4 new polishes!


The above link is not an affiliate link.

Haul: Aromaleigh!

My latest haul is from Aromaleigh. I’m very excited about it! I ordered full sizes of the Gothic Lolita Collection Rouge in Corset, Gothic Lolita eye colors in Teddy Whisp and Elegant Reverie, Rocks! Sonic eye color in blueorchid, and Pure Matte eye color in Eros. I also received samples of londondungeon from the Rocks! Sonic eye collection, Grape and Latte from the Pure Matte Eye collection, and Rocks! Sonic Nourishing Lip Tint in loveonyourside. I wasn’t expecting the last sample and was really excited about it because I meant to order a few lip samples! Expect a review sometime soon!

Top – Bottom, R-L: Latte sample, Grape sample, londondungeon sample, loveonyourside sample; Corset, blueorchid, Teddy Whisp, Elegant Reverie, Eros
All products in this post were bought by me or are free samples.

NOTD – China Glaze Spontaneous

I’m really liking this color; I’m a purple lover! I wouldn’t say it is the best China Glaze polish I’ve ever tried, but it’s a nice even, creamy color. My biggest beef with it is that for me, it took 3 coats of color to get the opacity I like. Forgive the crappy quality of the picture; I still have no camera so I used my iPhone to photograph it!

Disclaimer: The above item was purchased by me.