Haul: Aromaleigh!

by Amanda

My latest haul is from Aromaleigh. I’m very excited about it! I ordered full sizes of the Gothic Lolita Collection Rouge in Corset, Gothic Lolita eye colors in Teddy Whisp and Elegant Reverie, Rocks! Sonic eye color in blueorchid, and Pure Matte eye color in Eros. I also received samples of londondungeon from the Rocks! Sonic eye collection, Grape and Latte from the Pure Matte Eye collection, and Rocks! Sonic Nourishing Lip Tint in loveonyourside. I wasn’t expecting the last sample and was really excited about it because I meant to order a few lip samples! Expect a review sometime soon!

Top – Bottom, R-L: Latte sample, Grape sample, londondungeon sample, loveonyourside sample; Corset, blueorchid, Teddy Whisp, Elegant Reverie, Eros
All products in this post were bought by me or are free samples.