Excuses…and a recent revelation

by Amanda

I know, I know — I remodeled the site with every intention of keeping up with it better, and even adding more in the way of fashion posts instead of strictly beauty stuff. I think you can see that didn’t happen (I’ll be changing the banner soon, and sticking with beauty for now). I decided to re-do the blog right before my class term started, and I did not anticipate the challenge that this term has brought. But! — Enough with the excuses! I put up a to-do list on the sidebar that I hope to start making my way through during the next couple of weeks (*crosses fingers*).

I also wanted to share a revelation I’ve had recently. This should really wait for the Aromaleigh review post, but I think I need to put this out there. Since my last post about an Aromaleigh haul, I’ve made four more hauls. And I’ve almost entirely stopped using my traditional brand eye shadows (i.e. MAC, Bobbi Brown, Urban Decay) in favor of it. I was thinking about this today, and it blew my mind a little. More on this later, including why I’ve been reaching for this; just thought I’d share!