Review: Aromaleigh – Part 1: Matte Shadows

by Amanda

So I decided it would be best to break down the Aromaleigh review into different parts, I’ll do this one on mattes, then probably work by collection, or other weird logic. We’ll see. For now, on to the mattes!

Aromaleigh has a few different collections containing matte shadows: Pure Eyes Mattes ($7.00 full size), the Carolina Summer Collection (all matte, $7.25 full size), the Retro Hi-Fi Matte Collection ($8.00 full size), and formerly, the Rocks! Sonic Collection had a few matte shades in it’s lineup (this line is not available at the moment as it is being reformulated).

I have shades from all the matte collections except Retro Hi-Fi, and writing this gives me the itch to go get some, now that I realize that I don’t have any from that collection. Most of the mattes I have are from the Carolina Summer Collection, which contains shades that are subdued and lovely; I would consider most of the colors to be almost neutrals, even if they are a color. I also have a few of the Pure Eyes Mattes, but most of them are samples. The Pure Eyes Matte collection is a good place to start color-wise because it has a good range of colors. The Retro Hi-Fi Matte Collection contains all bright, fun shades, and I don’t know why I don’t own some of them! I also own two mattes from the Rocks! Sonic Collection.

Swatches of the shades I own over Too Faced Shadow Insurace, natural light (click to enlarge):

L-R: Bluemonday, Blueorchid; Peach, Latte, Grape, Eros; Starfish, Dune, Catteleya, Willow, Bouganvillea

I divided the swatches by collection: the first two are Rocks! Sonic shades; the next four are Pure Eyes Mattes, and the rest are Carolina Summer shades. My personal favorites are Catteleya, Bouganvillea, and Blueorchid.


Old  logo – New logo

These are all packaged in Aromaleigh’s normal clear plastic 5 gram sifter jars. They have the Aromaleigh logo sticker on top, and a label with the color name, collection (though this doesn’t always match up), and ingredients on the bottom. They come with a sticker seal over the sifter, so they don’t arrive messy. The packaging is pretty standard, in my opinion, though the Aromaleigh stickers do make it look nice and cute, while still professional. I thought the inclusion of the ingredients on the bottom was very nice, as well.

The brand imaging of Aromaleigh has taken big steps just this year with the new logo, new stickers, and even logo-printed tissue paper (so cute!) that orders come wrapped in.

The Product:

The product itself across the shadows is pretty consistent, even across collections (with the exclusion of bluemonday). They are smooth and pigmented, and best of all, NOT chalky! They can be a bit difficult to blend if you aren’t used to working with mattes, but I felt they performed quite well in blend-ability.

They also LAST! These things stay on my lids like no other. I always use an eye primer, but that is true with any brand of shadow I use, and these hold up much better than even my MAC mattes. I can go all day, even sweating, and this stuff stays put and has never creased on me (which is something that happens for me with most shadows, even with a base). This is why for a while I was only using Aromaleigh.

The color selection is also impressive. There are lovely work-appropriate shades in the Carolina Summer Collection, a wide variety of very wearable shades in the Pure Eyes Matte Collection, and super-fun brights in the Retro Hi-Fi Matte Collection. There’s certainly a wide selection, and it can be overwhelming for first-time buyers, so if you are looking into any shadows at Aromaleigh, I would suggest starting with samples ($1), and a lot of them!

The only matte that I own that I don’t love is bluemonday. Compared to every single other matte I’ve tried from Aromaleigh it is the only fail. It is a bit chalky and doesn’t adhere well, though the color is great. Since the Rocks! Sonic line is discontinued for reformulation, though, this product is no longer available, so problem solved (but neither is blueorchid *tear*)! I may look into getting a couple Retro Hi-Fi mattes to indulge my love for a good blue shadow!


I gave Aromaleigh’s mattes a 5/5. Mattes are hard to get right, and these are done perfectly! They are the best mattes I’ve tried in general (except for bluemonday), and for the price and selection, you just can’t beat it.

Edit to add: Forgot to mention — all shadows in this post are either bought by me or were free samples.

Also, for today, the Carolina Summer Collection is 50% off at Aromaleigh (link is not an affiliate)!