Holy Grail Products: Winter Blush

Of the few products I have that I would consider Holy Grail (HG) products, the one in rotation most frequently of late is my HG Winter blush. I say Winter blush because I think it’s a bit much for Spring and Summer. It gives my cheeks that “just in from the cold” flush that I LOVE! So what blush do I speak of?

NARS Outlaw!

I love this blush! It looks a bit daunting in the pan, but when applied with a light hand, it is gorgeous! It is a deep rose color with a very fine, subtle golden shimmer. Forgive the above picture’s color, which is a *slight* off; I need a better camera! Below is a more true-to-color picture:

Do you have any season-specific favorites?
This product was a purchase by me.