Weekend Christmas Shopping

This weekend my mom, aunt, sister, cousin, and I drove to Kansas City to do some Christmas shopping. For me, this also meant a bonus trip to Sephora to spend my Beauty Insider “gift card”.

I was actually somewhat disappointed because the Sephora branch we went to didn’t carry the Guerlin Rouge G lipstick line, which I was really hoping to snag in-store so I wouldn’t have to pay shipping. I also couldn’t find really what I was looking for in the way of gifts for a few of my friends. *Sigh*
I did end up getting this for my mom for Christmas:

My sister also found a couple things for her friends. I guess I was just kind of in a funk; I hated the huge crowd we had to wade through shopping this time of the year. It was also a smallish branch of the store.

At least I still have a couple weeks to finish my shopping, and the company while shopping was good!