Review: Skin by Alison Raffaele Tinted Moisturizer

This is another of the things I purchased from the Hautelook Alison Raffaele sale ages ago. I paid $8.75 for this, but it sells for $35 at; it is 1.76 oz. It comes in three colors: light, light-medium, and medium. I purchased it in light-medium.


This comes in a squishy flat plastic tube in the signature shiny lilac color that the Alison Raffaele “Skin” Collection uses, and is consistent with the brand image. I don’t necessarily like the tube shape or the lid, though, because it is harder to store since the lid is rounded, and it can’t be stored on end. Though it looks sleek, the packaging actually takes up a lot of space.

The nozzle I also don’t really enjoy because it doesn’t hold the product in when it is open with the nozzle facing even a little downwards; you don’t have to squeeze the tube at all for product to come out. I’ve made a mess and gotten way too much product on the few occasions I’ve worn this!

There is a list of ingredients on the back, as well as more information on the moisturizer.

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The consistency of the tinted moisturizer is quite thin, a bit more so than the average liquid foundation. It goes on smooth and feels very light and moisturizing. It is sheer in one layer, which is the way that I wore it because the color was a bit off for me, so it required a lot of blending and smoothing to look natural. The product desription says  it is meant to be medium coverage, and I would say it is somewhere between medium and sheer, depending on how it is applied and blended.

This tinted moisturizer has a rating of SPF 15, and uses physical ingredients (Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide) as opposed to chemical for the active sun blocking ingredients.

The color range is very limited, which is a negative. The color I purchased was also not right for me, and I am unsure whether any of the other colors would work either. It ended up being about the right color saturation for my skin tone, but ran way to orange on my face straight from the tube. I would be afraid that the light shade would just be a lighter version of the same color and don’t want to spend $35 on another, so haven’t purchased another color to test it out.



I gave it a 3/5. While I didn’t like the packaging and the color was wrong for me, I did really like the formula of the moisturizer itself. I’m not sure if I would rate this as high if I had paid full price for it, though.