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Review: Urban Decay Naked Palette

So I’m a little late to the party on this one. I actually received my palette a week before the wedding, but didn’t have time to give it a proper review. I took it on my honeymoon, so it really got a good test run. So this review may be late, but here it is!

The Urban Decay Naked Palette ($44) was released earlier this summer, and contains 12 full size (.05 oz!) “neutral” shadows, five of which are new shades. It also comes with a double-ended 24/7 liner (.02 oz/each end), and a mini primer potion bottle (.13 fl. oz).


The packaging is quite hefty, chocolate, velvet-textured, and has a magnetic closure. It has gold foil lettering on the top, and inside. The inside also includes a small mirror, long shadow pans, and a slot for the eye liner.

Taking this traveling with me, I had a few concerns: that the velvety outside would attract dust and lint like a magnet; that the case, while hefty, wouldn’t be up to being banged around in my luggage; and that the magnet may not hold well.

None of these concerns were necessary. This palette traveled beautifully. It did attract a minute bit of stuff on the velvet, but it came off with a light brush of the hand. There were no dents or dings, and the magnet held through two 9 hour flights, a being dragged around in my luggage for more time than that.


This palette comes with 12 shades: Virgin (new), Sin, Naked, Sidecar (BoS1), Buck (new), Half Baked, Smog, Darkhorse (new), Toasted, Hustle (new), Creep (new), and Gunmetal. They are in different finishes, but mostly matte, frost, and shimmer. They are surprisingly modest shades coming from Urban Decay, and have great textures and blend well with little fallout. Pigmentation is also excellent, as is expected from UD.

I really love these colors! My favorites so far have been Virgin, Toasted, and Hustle. Virgin, while frosty, can be used as a highlighter in many capacities — cheekbones, tear duct, etc., though it may be too much for the brow bone for some. Toasted and Hustle I love together, they both have a shimmery finish and look great together. I’m a sucker for mauve-y browns, and here they are! Hustle is an exceptionally beautiful crease color.

While not my favorite of the bunch, Naked has probably gotten the most use so far, just because it is so neutral and easy to use alone or with any of the other colors. Easy was the name of the game on vacation!

I cannot even express how much value is in this palette — a regular full-sized Urban Decay Shadow sells for $17! I was worried that maybe these shadows may not be up to par, or too glittery for me (as some UD shadows are), but I was pleasantly surprised. A few of the colors ¬†aren’t as “neutral” as the rest, but for the most part, this entire palette is perfect for work-appropriate looks, while also being able to take your look to evening.

The liners are the same as any 24/7 liner — buttery smooth and long-lasting.

Swatches (natural light with flash; as always, click to enlarge):

L-R: Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, Gunmetal


5/5. The best palette (factory palette, not ones I’ve put together) I’ve ever owned hands down. I will (and have) use every color. The value is exceptional — 12 full size, high quality shadows, 2 mini liners, and a mini primer. If this wasn’t sold out EVERYWHERE, I’d probably buy another for my sister, and another for myself as a backup. LOVE IT! So if you get the chance to grab this — DO IT! You won’t regret it!

Disclaimer: All products in this post were bought by me.


Holy Grail Products: Winter Blush

Of the few products I have that I would consider Holy Grail (HG) products, the one in rotation most frequently of late is my HG Winter blush. I say Winter blush because I think it’s a bit much for Spring and Summer. It gives my cheeks that “just in from the cold” flush that I LOVE! So what blush do I speak of?

NARS Outlaw!

I love this blush! It looks a bit daunting in the pan, but when applied with a light hand, it is gorgeous! It is a deep rose color with a very fine, subtle golden shimmer. Forgive the above picture’s color, which is a *slight* off; I need a better camera! Below is a more true-to-color picture:

Do you have any season-specific favorites?
This product was a purchase by me.